Cultural Center Rumenka

Role: Partner


Contact person:

Dragana Milosevic
Director of Cultural Center Rumenka

The Cultural Center ”Rumenka” is a cultural institution established by the Assembly of Novi Sad in 2017. as the first established public cultural center in the Republic of Serbia in the last eleven years. This is an outcome of a new cultural policy which includes a strategy of decentralization and democratization of the cultural offer for people who don’t live or can’t visit cultural programs in the center of towns. The main aim of the Cultural Center ” Rumenka” is to organize programmes, events and activities which promote: Culture and Arts, Human and Minority rights etc.

The institution has a small staff which plan and realize local cultural and arts projects. They contribute to the development of the cultural and artistic local scene. Our commitment in the future will be to encourage the internationalization of the local cultural scene.