Stichting Keunstwurk  

Role: Partner


Contact person:

Rozemarijn Strubbe
Project manager

Keunstwurk is the expertise and advice organization for cultural education, amateur art and professional art in Fryslân. Creating emotions, giving self-confidence and individuality is the power of art. Art is what makes our society more resilient and complete. 

Keunstwurk's strength is to ensure art and culture in Fryslân progresses. By sharing knowledge, making connections and stimulating innovation. Keunstwurk acts as initiator, pioneer, driver and supporter in the field of broad cultural education and participation. The field of work covers visual art & design, theatre, dance, music and multidisciplinary projects. Keunstwurk focuses on all levels in Fryslân, from amateur to professional. 

The Keunstwurk foundation aims to support and develop the arts (professional / amateur) and cultural education in the province of Friesland. With 30 employees, a structural support of 1,4 million EUR by the Province of Fryslân and a total turnover of about 2,6 million EUR, Keunstwurk is one of the biggest players in the Frisian cultural field. 

Keunstwurk encourages young theatre makers to find q market for their products and operate artistically at the highest possible level. With initiatives like ‘Fulkaan’ Keunstwurk focuses on talent development of young musicians. For young people from 12 to 18 years of age they organise ‘Youth Theatre Days’ to meet and inspire each other and work together with theatre teachers on short theatre performances.