Tampere Art Museum 

Role: Partner

Website: www.tampere.fi

Contact persons: 

Janne M Kauppinen

Aino Holma 
Marketing assistant

The Tampere Art Museum presents important themes from art history and phenomena of contemporary art in both its Finnish and international exhibitions. 

The museum is renowned for its active exhibition policy, especially exhibitions presenting ancient cultures, wide-ranging publication activities, the Young Artist of the Year event and Moominvalley collection. 

The museum's collection includes works from the 17th century until the present day, main emphasis on Finnish art from the early 20th century with an overview of the local artist´s paintings. The deposit of the Finnish Medal Art Guild´s collection. Changing exhibitions of visual arts, large presentations of ancient cultures. The museum is based in an old public granary designed by C. L. Engel (1838). 

Tampere Art Museum - Regional Art Museum of Pirkanmaa, founded in 1931, has the second biggest art collection in Finland. Collection includes Finnish and international art as well as a large number of works from our Pirkanmaa province artists. At Tampere Art Museum, we have three persons working in a regional team. Our region/province Pirkanmaa has 22 municipalities with a population of 500 000 in total. The team works with exhibitions outside museums (libraries, medical establishment, schools), art collections and public art e.g. and advise municipalities on all aspects of visual arts.